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Our center also provides lectures and workshops for companies, schools and institutes. We can costumize content and structure of our subjects to your needs.


If you would like to organize a lecture or workhop with us you can write us

or call

(+421) 919 043 606

Upcoming events are indicated on our homepage.



List of workshops


Resolving Conflicts in relationships

Conflicts are inevitable and sometimes even necessary to bring movement into stuck relationships between partners, family members, or at the workplace.
Conflicts are only then damaging when we squander our energy being caught up with fighting and winning instead of moving towards a constructive resolution.
The reason for disagreements can frequently be found in a lack of clarity and miscommunication between the conflicting parties.
Through a deeper understanding of their own as well as conflicting partners' situations, it is possible for people to achieve beneficial solutions for both sides and to employ undeveloped resources.
During our one-day workshop you will learn to identify and understand the cause of the conflict and how it can change a fight. You will learn to resolve conflicts in a way that enhances your relationship and bring the movement to a stuck situation.



Enhanced communication in couples

Good communication is essential for a fulfilling partnership. Many fights could be avoided because their source lies in mere misunderstanding between the partners.
Besides, by raising the quality of conversations, a couple can increase their sense of belonging and efficiency.
This workshop deals with different aspects of communication and how they are related to ones personality. Various training elements will increase participants capability to make themselves understandable respectively to be able to understand the others.
The workshop is offered to anybody who would like to improve their communication skills.



Some Like It Hot

Improve your sexuality and intimacy

In this workshop we talk about how to build up a healthy and satisfying sex life in a partnership. 
You will learn how cultural, religious and familial background affects a person’s attitude and performance in sexuality and intimacy. Psychological causes for sexual dysfunctions will be explained and steps how to overcome them.
The workshop is offered to anybody who would like to get more information on sexuality and intimacy.

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