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Samuel Schürer, Dipl. Individual Psychology Counselor


Subject areas

Training and Supervision: Team Building, Conflict Management and Communication Counseling: Single, couple and family


Professional experience

2011 - presently
Counselor at the Bratislava Counseling Center, 


2008 - 2012
Trainer for the Education for Supervisors (German Association for Gestalt Therapy) Attistiba, Riga


2006 - 2012
Trainer for the International and Intercultural Experience in Supervision Training Program (Association of National Organizations for Supervision), Tallinn University


2002 - 2011
Director, Lecturer and Supervisor for the Individual Psychology Counseling Training Program, Riga


1997 - presently 
Lecturer and Trainer for Psychological Institutions in various European countries


1996 - 2003 
Board member and Counselor for the Cult information Center 'InfoSekta', Zurich


1996 - 2003 
Board member for the Swiss Association of Individual psychology Counselors


1996 - 1999 
Counselor at the Social Department, Zurich


1994 - 2003 
Trainer, Lecturer and Counselor at the Alfred Adler Institute, Zurich


Clients of earlier consultancy and training projects:

Individual Psychology Counseling and Psychotherapy Training Program - Vilnius (2002-8)

Individual Psychology Counseling and Psychotherapy Training Program – Bratislava (2002-10)

International Adlerian Summer Schools 'ICASSI' - Berlin (2005), Romania (2010)

Individual Psychology Counseling Training Program - Cambridge (2006-10)

Latvias Valsts Mezi - Latvia (2008)

Latvias Probation Service - Riga (2009 – 10)

UK Adlerian Summer Schools – Greenpark (2009-10)



Individual Psychology Counselor (Swiss Association for Individual Psychology, 1994) Diploma in Social Work (HFS Lucerne, Switzerland, 1991)



German, English

(+421) 919 043 606


Tax payer code: 1085119651
Address: Heyrovskeho 6
841 03 Bratislava, Slovakia
Tatra Banka
Account No.: 2924872473
IBAN: SK7411000000002924872473

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