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Individual Counseling

Successful counseling is based on cooperation between counselor and client. In a first meeting we agree about goals, way of proceeding and frequency of the counseling sessions.
We will investigate your situation and identify the problems you are suffering from. According to your needs we will continue with some deeper personality work. By broadening your private view you will see new possible ways to bring movement into a stuck situation.
Counseling is an encouraging process where you can get to know your hidden qualities and strengths and develop the courage to be imperfect. You will find efficient ways to tackle your problems and increase the quality and joy in your life.


Couples Counseling

A partnership is a journey with many highs and lows. What once has started with sparkling love feelings sometimes turns into painful disillusions. When conflicts cannot be resolved a couple might get into a vicious circle where power struggles, fear and resignation are dominating the relationship.
On the other hand, the preconditions of two partners are less important than what the couple is making out of them. With deeper understanding, relationships can be re-alived and another quality of love can grow.
A counselor can help a couple to see their differences as a challenge to learn from each other, to overcome their conflicts and enrich their partnership, intimacy and sex life.

It is essential that both partners and the counselor can align their goals for counseling. 
Couples counseling usually contains of single and joint sessions.


Family Counseling

In family counseling the counselor always maintains a comprehensive view over the whole family system. No ‘problem child’ will be singled out since the source of a child’s misbehavior can usually be found in relationships within the family. Different aspects like parenting style, relationship of the parents, siblings constellation will be examined. The counselor can help parents to understand the goals of misbehaving children, to use logical consequences instead of punishment, to encourage their children and establish a democratic family atmosphere.

Family counseling contains of sessions with the parents, with the children, and with the whole family.

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