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Sexual problems

Sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or orgasmic disorders are quite common in our society. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from them are too shy to call for professional help. Difficulties in sexual performance have a huge impact on their self esteem and the longer they wait, the more discouraged they get.

On the other hand, sexual dysfunctions are often the result of a mere psychological problem such as:

Striving for perfection

Fear of loss of control
The need to please
Fear of closeness and intimacy or
A lack of knowledge and sexual education

Couples can also have intimacy problems due to unresolved conflicts in their daily life interfering with their sex life.

A counselor can help to understand these reasons and guide their client step by step to reach a healthy and satisfying sexual performance in line with his/her needs and abilities. Naturally all counseling sessions are strictly confidential.

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