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Anger Management

Anger is a normal, healthy human emotion. It can be caused by many events: if things do not work out the way you want to, if you feel unfairly treated, if you feel threatened, etc.
To express your anger in such situations can be a healthy way to defend your needs, be authentic, show your feelings, and to release yourself of steam.
However, frequent expressed anger can also have its less healthy sides. If anger is the dominating feeling in your life, if you get in rage about trivial things, or if your anger feelings are so overwhelming that you can’t control your actions. Then there might be a deeper psychological reason, and anger can have a harmful impact on yourself and on your environment.
On the other hand, if you’re unable to express your anger, but let your feelings turn inward - on yourself, then this can lead into self-destruction and depression.

In our center we can help you to deal with anger in constructive manners. We will train methods support you to relax, and techniques to redirect thinking patterns to find ways out of the vicious circle of self-destruction.

We will show you how conflicts can be tackled without fighting nor giving in, maintaining a respectful attitude towards others and yourself.

And finally we can find the reasons for your exaggerated anger and how it is connected to your personality and biographical background. Quite often we are trapped by our own tendentious way of looking at life which was coined by early experiences. Therefore, the diminishment of anger might also contain some moments of self-awareness, personal growth and attitude change.

Anger management will not only help you to increase your effectiveness and assertiveness, but also you will experience an improvement of your relationships and general joy and happiness in life.

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